• Telesto Digital is a start up from New Jersey, USA

  • Founded by industry Veterans with IT and Sales background

  • Telesto wanted to bring a cutting-edge product to market, focused on stream lining the flow of medical information from pharma companies to health care proviers

  • The founders had visualized a product and named it "Radius Direct"

About Our Projects

  1. Objectives
    1. Bulid the first phase of the project with a shoe budget

    2. Scale up the team to finish the product on time to meet the first deployment

    3. Daily updates and support for quick turnaround in development of MVP

    4. Run a tight ship in terms of development cost

  2. Our Strategy
    1. We proposed talking the MVP approach to Telesto

    2. Bulid the competitive advantage features of radius direct first and show cases it to target audience within the founder's network

    3. Tweak the MVP till the concept is market ready

    4. Bulid out the product

  3. Results
    1. A MVP which was turned around in 25 days

    2. Telesto was able to show case the concept to the network veterans in 35 days from start

    3. Signed up the first client, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funded pharma company, in 8 months

  4. Projects
  5. Started - Oct 2016, Status - On going. Man hours spent - 2560

    Started - Oct 2016

    Status - On going

    Man hours spent - 2560

Our Projects:

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