Video Conferencing

Connect from anywhere. Everytime.

Video conferencing is live and remotely connects people from across the globe. It transforms your business operations by adding life and experience to your digital meetings.

Video conferencing types

Desktop video conferencing system:

Technology is built into a laptop or a desktop computer

Room-based video conferencing:

Technology is built-in to the room video conference

Telepresence video conferencing system:

Multiple screens used to bring the feel of joining the meeting in person.

Where can video conferencing be used?

  • Team Meetings
  • Webinars
  • One-on-one training
  • Job interviews
  • Products demos

Making the best use of video conferencing

Interaction Design

Interaction design, also known as IxD, is the process utilized by teams to create websites or app that provide relevant and meaningful experiences to the visitors. It includes incorporating several elements to your website or app including font, sound, colors, graphics, aesthetics, and more. Design is important to create useful websites, we’ll discuss this more later.

Visual Design

As the name suggests, visual design is how the visuals on the website appear to the visitors. It aims to improve the aesthetic appeal and usability of the website or app. It typically focuses on website design elements such as space, images, videos, typography, color, and icons on the website.


Usability of the website refers to how user-friendly the webpage is to the visitors. A website with good usability is the one that pays importance to key factors of user interface such as an effective design, fast load time, simple operations, unique style, easy navigation, etc

Information Architecture

Information architecture refers to the process of deciding how to arrange the parts of something in such a way that it’s understandable. In user experience (UX) development, it defines how content will be layered and structured on your website.


Wireframing refers to the process of designing a website at the structural level. It is also used to test the functionality, look, usability, and features of your website before it goes live.

Quick decisions

All updates can be shared quickly and decisions can be easily made without any hindrance from absentees.