Web UI

Creating innovative designs for your website.

Novastrid has collaborated with Telesto Digital, a US-based design firm, to interact with experts to create well-designed, engineered solutions that upgrade your brand value. Together with Telesto Digital, we bring to market a cutting-edge product focused on simplifying the process flow of medical information from pharma to healthcare providers. The product is named “Radius Direct”.

Our project development

  • Objectives

    • Developed the first phase of the project with a bootstrap budget.
    • Scaled up the team to complete the project within the timeline for the initial deployment.
    • Daily updates and support for the quick turnaround in the development of MVP
    • Run a tight ship in terms of development cost
  • Outcome

    • 25 days needed to develop an MVP
    • Telesto showcased the concept to the network veterans within 35 days time
    • Within eight months, landed the first client, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funded pharma company
  • Strategy implemented

    • Proposed to take the MVP approach to Telesto
    • Developed the competitive advantage features of radius direct and delivered it to the target audience within the founder’s network.
    • Tweaked the MVP till the concept is market ready
    • Built-out the product
  • Project Timeline

    • Initiated: Oct 2016
    • Status: In progress
    • Man Hours spent - 2560 hrs